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Owner: Nancy Mayfield

Year Started: 2015

Location: Patton, Missouri

Advice: Having faith is just the beginning. There will be good days and bad. Whatever happens it’s important to trust and do the very next thing you come up with to advance your business. So much is out of our hands if we trust that success will come and do our best each day that is all we can do.


When Passion meets Purpose.

When Southeast Missourian, Nancy Mayfield, realized that the current market of packaged crackers did not include any healthy, natural crackers she decided to do something about it. “I couldn’t buy healthy crackers without trans fats but I knew I could make them. So I tried and kept feeding them to some close friends who kept encouraging me”, she tells.

After this realization and retiring from a career in an elementary school secretary position, she began her own line of baked goods. Her entrepreneurial journey began when she started out by first building an Industrial Kitchen next to her home. In the small and familiar location, Nancy started baking small batches and trying a variety of flavors and techniques. In the summer of 2015, Nancy decided to make it official, and start her own business, Creative Crackers.

When Nancy recognized that she needed assistance with her business and marketing plan, website improvement, and how to find potential clients, she contacted the SBTDC at Southeast Missouri State University. She had known about the SBTDC through the LaunchU course, which is a 36-hour facilitated course that coaches aspiring & early-stage entrepreneurs through all the steps of the business plan to determine if their business concept is feasible. After completing the training, SBTDC met with Nancy in January 2018 to assist her with her additional needs.

Since the first meeting SBTDC has been committed to helping Creative Crackers succeed and accomplish its mission. The mission that Nancy is trying to fulfill is “Making people happy by providing natural crackers with natural flavors, no preservatives, and no trans fats; and making sure that any claimed flavor or ingredient is naturally added to the product and perceived by the customer. For example, “if it is a nut flavored cracker, it has real nuts in it. If it is a cheese flavored cracker, it has real cheese in it”, she tells.

Nancy not only produces 16 flavor varieties of crackers, but also baked breads and freezer jellies. She is always thinking what flavor combinations would make a tasty cracker. Currently, it’s farmers market season so most of the baked good are sold at these but recently she has done some marketing in the wine country and hoping to increase her fall and winter sales that way. She plans to promote party trays for the holidays later on.