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Yoga Teacher Training: Course Overview

The history of yoga encompasses some five thousand years and yoga is one of the most remarkable accomplishments of human ingenuity and surely one of the most fascinating creations of spiritual aspiration. The purpose of the yogic experiment has been to explore not only the behavior of matter but also the properties and very limits of consciousness.


This program is a 200 Yoga Alliance approved curriculum. It is designed as a 15 week with two 3-hour classes on T/Th evenings 6pm-9pm and one 8-hour class on Sundays. Each 33-hour class includes meditation and pranayama practices. The 8 hour day includes an opening Asana practice. There are 2 modules of content and worksheets: History, Philosophy, Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Class Creation, Teaching 125 Poses and modifications, On Being a Teacher, Business Plan, Chakras, Ayurveda, and Wellness.


As a student, you will build a Toolbox of meditations and sequences throughout the program. When you leave the program, you will feel comfortable leading a class through Asana, Meditation and Pranayamas as well as be competent in practicing hands-on adjustments and cueing. Electives include prenatal yoga, children/youth yoga, aerial yoga, and YogaWall.


Course Requirements Beyond the Classroom: 1 x week minimum – YogaGlo assigned class

  • Daily Meditation and/or Journaling
  • 1 Weekend Workshop
  • 4 Assisting Classes
  • 4 Teaching Class
  • 2 Private Sessions

15 week course: $2500 Payment Plans available


Spring 2019: January 15-May 2nd